Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Wrap-Up

So I've had a good year. To see all the books I've reviewed, click here.  I read 85 books this year and listened to 35 audio books for a total of 120.  I reviewed 12 movies (here).  I completed 12 challenges.  I feel good about what I've done in my first year with this blog and I'm looking forward to the next year.  Thanks everybody for reading along with me.

Challenges completed:
2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge (25 books)
2009 Young Adult Book Challenge (12 book)
2009 Audio Book Challenge (12 books)
Take a Chance Challenge (9/10 tasks completed)
Everything Austen Challenge (6 book and movies)
GLBT Challenge 2009 (6 books)
R.I.P. IV Challenge (2 books)
The November Novella Challenge (4 novellas)
Garth Nix Mini-Challenge (6 audio books)
Scott Westerfeld Mini-Challenge (2 books)
Much Ado about Shakespeare Challenge (6/6)
Christmas Reading Challenge (6 books)

Challenges joined that carry into 2010:

Pretty Little Liars Challenge (status: 0/8)
Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge (status 0/7)
Alice in Wonderland Challenge (status: 5/8 tasks)
The Shelf Discovery Challenge (status: 0/6)

Challenges that start January 2010:

GLBT Challenge 2010  (8 books)
2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge  (50 books)
World Religion Challenge   (5 books)
2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge  (75 books)
Twentyten Challenge  (20 books)
Take a Another Challenge  (12 tasks)
E-Book Challenge 2010  (6 books)
Audio Book Challenge 2010 (12 books)
Read Your Name Challenge  (6 books)
The Nancy Drew Challenge  (56 books)
What's in a Name Challenge 3  (6 books)
Rainbow Connection Challenge  (7 books)


  1. You did awesome! I've very excited to see how my number end up next year!

  2. Looks like you had a really great year! :D

  3. Holy smokes! I was impressed with myself that I've joined my first reading challenge this year. You are amazing!

  4. Oh my gosh, you completed a lot of challenges!! Great job for 2009!

    Could you e-mail me at lovestoread0708(at) and tell me again how to get rid of the lines around my header? I just put a new one up and it looks bad! :)


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