Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Nook

Well, I got a Barnes and Noble Nook for Christmas this year. And, of course, I personalized it right away. So behold Deep Thought.

It is really cool and I love it.  So far I've only downloaded a couple of free books and I added an e-book I had bought a couple of months ago (Cleolinda's M15M Wizards) with no problem.  I'm planning on buying very carefully and starting with the free samples and if I like what I read then I will buy it.  I wish my local library would get Overdrive e-books or something and then I could check out books from them.  But anyway, it works really well, though there is a little lag time in changing pages but nothing that bothers me.  And the battery lasts a long time.

My only real problem came on Christmas day when it fell off the desk it was charging on and the metal part of the power cable broke off from the rest of the cable (which really shouldn't have happened).  And since it was over Christmas it was impossible to find someone to help me.  So when I finally got to the right department, the guy was like No problem and they had a new USB cable at my house the next day.

But anyway, now it is fine and I like reading on it a lot.  It's not like reading on a computer screen.  It actually looks papery.  So far, it's been a worthy investment.

So books that I have downloaded are:
Mysteria - Mary Janice Davidson
Suite Scarlett - Maureen Johnson (I've read it and listened to it but it was free for a limited time)
My Soul to Lose - Rachel Vincent
Mother Carey's Chickens - Kate Douglas Wiggin
A Little Princess - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Very LeFreak - Rachel Cohn

And samples I have download are:
Dani Noir - Nova Ren Suma
The Maze Runner - James Dashner (I'm pretty sure I will buy this one) 
The Wizard of Oz - Frank L. Baum
Shades of Grey - Jasper Fforde (and this one)


  1. I love personalizing my gadjets. I normally turn them all pink with a vinyl skin. I have the Sony Reader and I really love reading on it. I still buy tons of books, but when I travel or want an ebook quickly it's always there.

  2. What is this about the free samples? I haven't heard of that before. And what is the file format for the nook if you're downloading from, say, That's where we get the majority of our free books and the kindle takes .mobi files.

  3. That is really neat! I have yet to decide if I want to invest in an e-reader or any other thing like that.. Glad that you like yours!

  4. Great cover!! Was that just a sticker you put on a B&N cover. :) Very creative. I am loving my nook as well. I have about 15 books on there so far. Now I just have to get to reading!!


  5. Jennifer - I actually surprised I didn't turn it pink. I usually do!

    Amanda - The format is usually .pdf from what I can tell and with a B&N account you can download free samples of a book. So you can read the first 15 pages or whatever. I found this helps me decide if I want to actually buy it or not.

    Trish - Thanks! It is really cool.

    Rachel - There was a B&N cover with a window for a picture so I made a Don't Panic pic since I named the book Deep Thought.

  6. I've heard a lot of great things about e-readers; congrats on getting one. I think I would if I traveled a lot, but since I stay close to home a lot my paper books seem to keep company well enough. So maybe one day I'll see a reason to invest in one! Hope you enjoy yours!

  7. Thanks for you thoughts on it so far. I'm still waaaaay up in the air about this one.

    I do like that you put Very LeFreak on it since it's about being addicted to technology! hee hee

  8. Gofita - I know! I'm still attached to my paper books. I was just tired of lugging 6 books to the in-laws when we visit :)

    Jill - I thought of that too about Very LeFreak. It's very meta.

  9. I love what you did with it! What a great idea! I'm a big fan of samples as well, it's really helped me narrow down my choices.

  10. I'm so curious I'd be interested in seeing you do a post about it's features.

  11. Pls post lots about your nook use. I really want an e-reader because, like you, it gets tiring lugging around all my books. Also, I can everything at my fingertips and make notes for blogging later! At least I hope that's how it works. Let us know!

  12. Lucky you! I'm so jealous. Malaysia is so behind with e-books...if only I could get my hands on one... sigh...


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