Thursday, January 21, 2010

DelGal's A Buck A Book Reading Challenge - ABANDONED

ETA: ABANDONED I have to abandon this one.  It's sounds dumb, but I can't keep up with the $1 per book and I need to save money for other things.  Maybe next year...

I thought this was a cute idea and doesn't add to my TBR list only my piggy bank.  Hosted by DelGal's Book Reviews, this challenge wants you to pay yourself for reading. 
Here's a great way to reward yourself for reading persistence and save money at the same time. Read as many books as you'd like, there is no minimum, and there is no maximum. BUT, here's the "catch", you MUST physically take a dollar and save it somewhere safe where it won't be spent, every time you complete a book. At the end of the year, your total money saved will be the total amount of books read, ideally the more book read, the more money saved.
Now, once Dec 31 comes, you're must spend this saved money on something fun just for yourself (no paying bills, no buying gifts for someone else!), to begin the next year... Maybe more books for the new year? A nice dinner out to celebrate reading? The possibilities are endless! Finally, once this challenge completes on Dec 31st, please let your blog fans, and fellow challenge participants, know what you decided to spend your money on by posting whatever it may be. If it's $5 or if it's $100, we want to know what you rewarded yourself with for a year of hard yet enjoyable fun reading!

In short - put aside a dollar for each book you read. Post in the comment section your progress if you don't have a blog, or a link to your blog. At the end of the year update us as to what you did with your saved money. That's it!


  1. This is a really good idea and I'm considering doing it, but haven't decided yet.

  2. I figure I can buy myself a gift card or something.
    AND I'm found a hand grenade cup (a New Orleans drink) to keep my money in, which I find hilarious for some reason.

  3. Yay! So glad that you joined. I think this is an awesome challenge. I can't wait until the end of the year! Books, here I come .. :)

  4. what a great idea...I may just have to do this!


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