Friday, January 22, 2010

Plum Lovin':A Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers Novel

Mysterious men have a way of showing up in Stephanie Plum's apartment. When the shadowy Diesel appears, he has a task for Stephanie -- and he's not taking no for an answer. Annie Hart is a "relationship expert" who is wanted for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Stephanie needs to find her, fast. Diesel knows where she is. So they make a deal: He'll help her get Annie if Stephanie plays matchmaker to several of Annie's most difficult clients. But someone wants to find Annie even more than Diesel and Stephanie. Someone with a nasty temper. And someone with "unmentionable" skills. Does Diesel know more that he's saying about Annie Hart? Does Diesel have secrets he's keeping from Stephanie and the two men in her life -- Ranger and Morelli? With Stephanie Plum in over her head, things are sure to get a little dicey and a little explosive, Jersey style!

I forgot the "Between the Numbers" books had a supernatural element to them.  I'm not sure what Diesel is or how Stephanie keeps getting all these hot guys.  Once again, Stephanie finds herself in an interesting situation.  Since Annie, the "cupid," is unavailable Stephanie has to fill in and do a little matchmaking.  But even when she messes up, she still manages to get things right.  Grandma Mazer and Lulu are hilarious as always and I really like Diesel, even if he is a cocky guy.   

It's a relatively short book, easily read in a couple of hours..  While it isn't necessary to read them in order with the numbered books, some of the events are referred to in the other books. 


  1. I really enjoyed Plum Lovin'. I haven't read all the In between novels yet.

  2. I've read up to #12, and then just lost interest in the series. My mom liked the in between the numbers, but said they felt rushed.


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