Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Round-Up 1/11

Weekly Round-Up is my wrap-up of last week's activities and includes what I'm reading this week and anything of interest plus From the Library, my weekly listing of what I've checked out from the library.
This week I'm reading Splendor (Godbersen), Nothing Pink (Hardy), and The Secret of the Old Clock (Keene).  I'm still listening to Twelve Sharp (Evanovich).  Since last week I've read Envy (Godbersen).  

I posted reviews for The Midnight Twins (Mitchard), Betsy-Tacy (Lovelace), The Great Brain (Fitzgerald), and A Year Down Yonder (Peck).

From the Library is my weekly listing of what I checked out from the library recently.  Very slow week this week, I didn't get a lot of reading done during the holidays and I didn't visit the library at all so I only got one book last week.

Blue Noon - Scott Westerfeld (Of course, I have to finish out the series.)

The darklings will hunt once again.
The secret hour when time freezes arrives every night at midnight in Bixby, Oklahoma. It's a dangerous time, when five teenagers are the only humans awake and dark creatures crawl out of the shadows, but at least the midnight hour is regular and predictable. Until suddenly, the blue time comes . . . in the middle of the day. The noise of school stops. Cheerleaders are frozen in midair, teachers brought to a standstill. Everything is the haunted blue color of the midnight hour. The Midnighters can't understand what's happening, but as they scramble for answers, they discover that the walls between the secret hour and real time are crumbling. Soon the dark creatures will have a chance to feed after centuries of waiting, unless these five teenagers can find a way to stop them. A desperate race against time, a mind-blowing mystery of paranormal logic, a tale of ancient evil and spine-chilling sacrifice: blue noon is the exhilarating third volume in the Midnighters series by acclaimed author Scott Westerfeld.

Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature - Robin Brande, read by Kalli Vernoff

Your best friend hates you. The guy you liked hates you. Your entire group of friends hates you.

All because you did the right thing.

Welcome to life for Mena, whose year is starting off in the worst way possible. She's been kicked out of her church group and no one will talk to her—not even her own parents. No one except for Casey, her supersmart lab partner in science class, who's pretty funny for the most brilliant guy on earth.

And when Ms. Shepherd begins the unit on evolution, school becomes more dramatic than Mena could ever imagine . . . and her own life is about to evolve in some amazing and unexpected ways.


  1. I'll be interested in seeing your thoughts on Blue Noon. It didn't work so well for me. There seemed to be a lot of problem and consistancy errors with the book. Ah well.

  2. I'm curious what you'll think of the ending of Blue Noon. You might be suprised!

  3. You got some great books out of the library. I have been meaning to do some sort of weekly round up on my blog as well. Where I list all of my reviews I did the previous week and anything else I posted. But I have yet to do it. This is a great idea though!
    I have gotten so many books out of my library in the past week and a half you wouldn't believe it! lol


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