Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lean Mean Thirteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel (audio)

Stephanie is up to her eyeballs in men.  First, her stupid ex-husband is missing, leaving Stephanie a suspect in his possible disappearance/maybe murder.  Now Morelli has gone MIA for work reasons and Ranger is babysitting her since, once again, someone is out for her.  She seriously cannot win.  At this point, the plot is fairly familiar.  Stephanie can't catch an FTA for her life, Ranger and Morelli are dead sexy and she is confused, and someone is trying to kill her.  I honestly would have considered stopping at this book if these books weren't so darned funny.  Stephanie gets in these crazy situations and ALWAYS manages to get kidnapped, but by the grace of God, gets out of it.  And she has a new car every time.  I don't know how much longer the series is going on, but it is still very funny so I'll still keep reding.

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