Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Midnight Twins (Book 1)

Meredith and Mallory are identical mirror twins born on the cusp of midnight New Year's Eve making them born in different years.  Growing up inseparable with wildly different personalities, the twins are able to speak to each other telepathically and dream each other's dreams.  But on their thirteenth  birthday, something strange happens and a fire disrupts the twin's telepathic powers while they gain new ones.  But something strange is going on with one of the town boys and the twins must figure out the clues from their visions to save lives.
Without being able to speak aloud, Mallory and Meredith were already speaking to each other in what would become their private language. p. 6
I love the concept of this book.  My husband is an identical twin and although he and his brother don't have supernatural powers, there is a "we-ness" to their lives that I can never understand.  They don't think in the singular necessarily.  So it was interesting to see the extreme of this explored.  The Midnight Twins are deeply attached, but they fight a lot so it was a very realistic portrayal of sisters.  But they are fiercely loyal and protective.  And when they get their new powers, they have a hard time for one because now they are different from each other and secondly, because they don't understand what it going on.

I expected Mallory and Meredith to be older, but there are only 13 throughout the book.  But because of the some of the events of the book I wouldn't recommend this to anyone under 15, maybe 13.  I read this one in a day until the wee hour of 1 a.m. and, frankly, I was a little scared.  There is a major creepy factor and it hit on a couple of my fears.  So maybe I shouldn't have read it at night before bed.  But it was really good and I had a hard time putting it down.


  1. I heard about this book a couple months ago and immediately grabbed it to mooch on bookmooch, but the lady never sent it. I was really irritated. I'm glad to see this second review. It sounds awesome!

  2. This sounds cool. I always thought I wanted to be a twin growing up.


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