Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Wrap-Up

I've had a good year over here.  I've read 153 books, listened to 39 audio books and reviewed 16 movies.  I joined 24 challenges and finished 22 of them with 1 abandoned and 1 incomplete.

I read some really great books this year but my favorite was The Kid Table by Andrea Seigel.  I really can't say enough good things about it.  The best audio book was Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, read by Jeanna Lamia and David Ledoux.  It goes to show that sometimes a great reading can save an ordinary book.

Challenges joined:

The Shelf Discovery Challenge (status: 6/6) COMPLETED 2/24/2010
Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge (status 7/7) COMPLETED 3/5/2010
Alice in Wonderland Challenge (status: 8/8 tasks) COMPLETED 3/5/2010
Read Your Name Challenge  (status: 6/6) COMPLETED 3/14/2010
Rainbow Connection Challenge  (status: 7/7) COMPLETED 3/25/2010
World Religion Challenge   (status: 4/4) COMPLETED 3/27/2010
Autism Awareness Challenge (April: status: 1/1) COMPLETED 4/21/2010
Audio Book Challenge 2010 (status: 20/20) COMPLETED 4/22/2010
A Buck a Book Challenge (status: 51) ABANDONED 4/29/2010
E-Book Challenge 2010  (status: 6/6) COMPLETED 5/5/2010

Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge  (status: 8/8) COMPLETED 6/3/2010
What's in a Name Challenge 3  (status: 6/6) COMPLETED 6/23/2010
2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge  (status: 50/50) COMPLETED 8/12/2010 
Dystopian Challenge (status: 10/10) COMPLETED 8/13/2010
GLBT Challenge 2010  (status: 8/8) COMPLETED 9/23/2010 
2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge  (status: 55/50) COMPLETED 10/4/2010
Pretty Little Liars Challenge (status: 0/8) ABANDONED 10/9/2010 
R.I.P. V Challenge (status: 2/2) COMPLETED 10/14/2010
Take a Another Challenge  (status: 12/12 tasks) COMPLETED 11/14/2010
November Novella Challenge (status: 3/4) COMPLETED sort-of 11/29/2010
2010 Holiday Reading Challenge (status: 5/5) COMPLETED 12/24/20101
Twentyten Challenge  (status: 18/20) INCOMPLETE 12/16/2010
The Colorful Reading Challenge (status: 9/9) COMPLETED 12/1/2010
A Hogwarts Reading Challenge (status: +276) COMPLETED 12/24/2010 
The Nancy Drew Challenge  (status:  56/56) COMPLETED 1/1/2011

Challenges starting in 2011:

Take a Chance Challenge 3
2011 Whisper Stories in My Ear Challenge (12)
2011 E-Book Challenge  (12)
350 Page Books Challenge
What's in a Name 4 Challenge (6)
Wodehouse Reading Challenge (20)
GLBT Reading Challenge (10)
Off the Shelf Challenge  (15)


  1. I'm so so glad that The Kid Table made your top books! It was amazing and I agree, I can't say enough nice things about it. :D

  2. 153 is a pretty amazing number! I have no idea how many books I have read last year, but I do not think I come close to that number! ;)

  3. so nice. thank you so, so, so much.


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