Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Withering Tights by Louise Rennison

 Talluah Casey is going away to theater camp or "college" as she calls it.  There she meets some fun and talented girls and has adventures involving boys, owls, and, of course, the theater.
Vaisey said, "It can't really be Mrs. Rochester, can it?"
I said, "Well, you say that, but it all adds up, doesn't it?  We're in Yorkshire on some moors at a big house, the roof's on fire and someone who may or may not have been banged up in the attic for years, has just come out on to the roof?  I'm only stating the obvious.  Who else can it be?  p.49/50
As a huge fan of Georgia Nicholson and Louise Rennison in general, I was excited to see a new series coming from her.  And this was definitely her style.  Tallulah is Georgia's younger cousin and so there is some family resemblance attitude-wise.  Just as Georgia was clueless about boys so is Tallulah.  But Tallulah is cluess about a great many other things.  She is precious and funny and apparently very tall.  It's funny because I always think no one can be that clueless and then I remember myself in high school and oh yes they can.  Reading her adventures with the boys, especially Cain, the brooding bad boy, brought me back to being a teenager.  Except I've never been tall or lanky and not inclined to the theater.  But Tallulah is refreshing and amusing and very British and I enjoyed this book. I thought this was a cute book, not quite as amusing as the Georgia books but definitely a good follow-up for Rennison.  Tallulah is going on my must read series list.

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