Friday, January 14, 2011

Deeply, Desperately by Heather Webber

Lucy Valentine is back.  Using her psychic ability to find lost things, she is now in the business of finding lost loves.  But public knowledge of her abilities also comes with some threatening letters.  Along with that, it looks like her boyfriend's ex-flame is trying to win him back and something is up with her best friend's fiance. 
At a big-box office-supplies store, I picked up a clipboard, and quickly drew up a phony petition letter, a blundering paragraph on rezoning.  Maybe Marisol wasn't the only one who used Magnum, PI tactics.  But what worked, worked.  And my plan had to work.  p.224
Lucy Valentine is back and cuter than ever!  I liked these little mysteries with their blend of paranormal abilities and good old fashioned mysteries.  There are some heartwarming moments and quite a few surprises in this book.  Really I think I rate this right up there with the Stephanie Plum series.  It has significantly less cursing (none) and less violence and that is just fine.  Lucy is such a sweet girl though she worries too much.  And Sean, phew, hot.  Their relationship is awesome and I like seeing them together.  I'm curious to see where this is all going but I like how Lucy is able to figure things out using not only her abilities, but good old mind power.  Very nice.

Hogwarts:  Divination
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  1. I love the first book and bought the second, but I am waiting for 3 to read again. I am glad to hear it is worth the wait!


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