Thursday, January 6, 2011

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford

The Sullivans are a rich and quirky family almost entirely dependent on the matriarch of the family who they, and everyone else, call Almighty.  Someone in the family offends Almighty and so it is up to the offender to write a letter of apology or the whole family will lose their inheritance.
I'd just read that even, regular features are universally recognized as beautiful.  So no matter what I think of Brooks as a person, I'm genetically programmed to find him attractive.  I resent that. --Norrie p.35 
Maybe it was a result of having read nothing but Nancy Drew for two months, but I really enjoyed this.  It provided a refreshing and sweet change from the mysteries of the girl detective and I liked the whole concept of the book.  Each section is a letter to their grandmother from one of the girls and then an explanation of the offense.  My favorite girl was Norrie, the oldest.  Maybe that is because her part felt the longest and provided most of the background for the book.  She was mature and sweet and I liked how she finally realizes that it is less about Almighty and other people's opinions and more about what she wants.  Jane is the middle girl and is the rebellious-because-someone-has-to-be child. She was a bit harder to take and she just made me roll my eyes a lot.  I think that is because I am an adult.  And Sassy, the youngest girl, was very sweet but her section seemed short and I never got into her character.  Still over all, I liked it and thought it was super fun and very well done.

We were trying to turn it into a bad girls' bathroom that nice girls would be afraid to use, but so far we kept getting interrupted by ninth graders whose idea of bad was chewing gum. --Jane p.145

He didn't take my confession seriously.  And the proof was in the penance: only one Hail Mary.  For the sin of pride, not for murder.  --Sassy p.285

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