Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drew 52, 53, 54, 55, 56

And with this Sleuthing Sunday, I am officially done with the Nancy Drew Challenge.  I didn't finished exactly by the end of the year, just missing it by one day but I am done!  Whoo who!  I consider this quite an accomplishment.

The Secret of the Forgotten City (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #52)
     Bess sighed.  "Do you think we can ever find that city and the sheets of gold?"
     "I'll wager," said Burt, "that if anybody can find them Nancy Drew can." p.62
Nancy and her gang go on an archeological dig in Nevada hoping to undercover the mystery of a hidden treasure.  Along the way she gets involved with a dangerous criminal who is also after the treasure.  The race is on in this thrilling and dangerous mystery.  But don't worry, Nancy Drew can always solve the case and save the day.

The Sky Phantom (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #53)
Bess was alarmed.  "Oh, Nancy, why can't you ever solve a mystery without all sorts of threats and harrowing dangers to you, George, and me?" p.32
Nancy, Bess and George are staying at a ranch while Nancy takes flying lessons and Bess and George work on their horse back riding.  Nancy stumbles upon a mystery involving a mysterious hovering cloud with magnetic properties.  Along the way comes the thief of a prized pony and a love triangle involving Bess, Dave and a ranch hand.

The Strange Message in the Parchment (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #54)
"Junie, you've never seen Nancy when she's trying to solve a mystery.  She's like a hound on a scent and never gives up until she has caught the villain!"  p.3
Nancy is invited by an old school friend we have never heard of to solve the mystery in a parchment bought by her father.  In a series of painting lies a mystery that will right an old wrong and it's up to the girl detective to solve the case.  Along the way also comes the mystery some thugs that are roughing up some of the farm workers and local merchants.

Mystery of Crocodile Island (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #55)
"We're getting to be notorious."  [Nancy] chuckled. 
Nancy and her friends go to Florida to investigate the mysterious goings-on at a crocodile farm located around some keys.  While there, there is danger afoot involving a submarine, mosquitoes and, of course, crocodiles though not as many as I thought there would be.  Luckily, Ned shows up at the end just in time to be kidnapped with Nancy.

The Thirteenth Pearl (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #56)
"My, my," said Hannah.  "You certainly do get around solving mysteries."  p.36
Nancy and her friends investigate a missing necklace.  After a pearl necklace is stolen from a local merchant, the case takes her to Japan as Nancy investigates the missing necklace. 

Well, it was an exciting case for Nancy's last one and she got to travel to Japan which was cool.  I wish there would have been more George and Bess and especially more Ned.  I like the mysteries that he is in more.  But he shows up in the end and they pretty much drive off into the proverbial sunset.
She paused a moment, then said, "Do you think we'll ever get another mystery to solve?"
Ned chuckled.  "It's just like you to say that, Nancy.  It seems to me that you have had quite a few mysteries to solve since The Secret of the Old Clock."  p.178

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