Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Reading Challenges

Pretty Little Liars Challenge (status: 0/8)
Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge (status 3/8)
Alice in Wonderland Challenge (status: 6/8 tasks)
The Shelf Discovery Challenge (status: 2/6)
GLBT Challenge 2010  (status: 1/8)
2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge  (status: 6/50)
World Religion Challenge   (status: 2/5)
2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge  (status: 5/75)
Twentyten Challenge  (status: 3/20)
Take a Another Challenge  (status: 1.5/12 tasks)
E-Book Challenge 2010  (status: 1/6)
Audio Book Challenge 2010 (status: 5/20)
Read Your Name Challenge  (status: 2/6)
The Nancy Drew Challenge  (status:  3/56)
What's in a Name Challenge 3  (status: 0/6)
Rainbow Connection Challenge  (status: 4/7)
Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge  (status: 0/4)
A Buck a Book Challenge (status: 10)


    1. Impressive! I'm actually going to attemp some this year!

    2. That's a lot of challenges. Good luck!


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