Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly Round-Up 12/14

Weekly Round-Up is my wrap-up of last week's activities and includes what I'm reading this week and anything of interest plus From the Library, my weekly listing of what I've checked out from the library.
This week I'm reading Eyes Like Stars (Mantchev) and Wishin' and Hopin' (Lamb).  I'm still listening to The Wednesday Wars (Schmidt) and I'm not sure what I'm listening to after that, maybe Twelve Sharp (Evanovich).

Since last week I've finished Touching Darkness (Westerfeld), Let It Snow (Green, Johnson, Myracle), Random Magic (Soren), The Dreaming (Chan) and Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins (Kimmel).  

From the Library is my weekly listing of what I checked out from the library this week.

Into the Wild - Sarah Beth Durst

(Recommended by Bookworm Nation, this seems right up my alley.  I love fractured fairy tales and this looks so good.)  Twelve-year-old Julie has grown up hearing about the dangerous world of fairy tales, “The Wild,” from which her mother, Rapunzel, escaped.
Now The Wild wants its characters back. Julie comes home from school to find her mother gone and a deep, dark forest swallowing her hometown. Julie must fight wicked witches, avoid glass slippers and fairy godmothers, fly griffins, and outwit ogres in order to rescue her mom and save her Massachusetts town from becoming a fairy-tale kingdom.

Wishin' and Hopin': A Christmas Story - Wally Lamb

(I'm in the mood for lots of Christmas ficiton and this seems to go right along with the other stuff I've been reading) LBJ and Lady Bird are in the White House, Meet the Beatles is on everyone's turntable, and Felix Funicello (distant cousin of the iconic Annette!) is doing his best to navigate fifth grade—easier said than done when scary movies still give you nightmares and you bear a striking resemblance to a certain adorable cartoon boy.Back in his beloved fictional town of Three Rivers, Connecticut, with a new cast of endearing characters, Wally Lamb takes his readers straight into the halls of St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parochial School—where Mother Filomina's word is law and goody-two-shoes Rosalie Twerski is sure to be minding everyone's business. But grammar and arithmetic move to the back burner this holiday season with the sudden arrivals of substitute teacher Madame Frechette, straight from QuÉbec, and feisty Russian student Zhenya Kabakova. While Felix learns the meaning of French kissing, cultural misunderstanding, and tableaux vivants, Wishin' and Hopin' barrels toward one outrageous Christmas.
From the Funicello family's bus-station lunch counter to the elementary school playground (with an uproarious stop at the Pillsbury Bake-Off), Wishin' and Hopin' is a vivid slice of 1960s life, a wise and witty holiday tale that celebrates where we've been—and how far we've come.

A Year Down Yonder - Richard Peck, read by Lois Smith

(I've started checking out for challenges and this one goes to two.)   Grandma Dowdel's back! She's just as feisty and terrifying and goodhearted as she was in Richard Peck's A Long Way from Chicago, and every bit as funny. In the first book, a Newbery Honor winner, Grandma's rampages were seen through the eyes of her grandson Joey, who, with his sister, Mary Alice, was sent down from Chicago for a week every summer to visit. But now it's 1937 and Joey has gone off to work for the Civilian Conservation Corps, while 15-year-old Mary Alice has to go stay with Grandma alone--for a whole year, maybe longer. From the very first moment when she arrives at the depot clutching her Philco portable radio and her cat, Bootsie, Mary Alice knows it won't be easy. And it's not. She has to sleep alone in the attic, attend a hick town school where in spite of her worn-out coat she's "the rich girl from Chicago," and be an accomplice in Grandma's outrageous schemes to run the town her own way--and do good while nobody's looking. But being Grandma's sidekick is always interesting, and by the end of the year, Mary Alice has grown to see the formidable love in the heart of her formidable Grandma.


  1. Was Let it Snow good? Supposedly that one's on its way for me from bookmooch right now...

  2. Amanda - It was cute. The ending was a little weak, but overall it was good.

  3. I have yet to read A Year Down Yonder, so I'll be curious to hear what you have to say about it!


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