Saturday, December 19, 2009

TwentyTen Challenge - List - INCOMPLETE

I'll list my books here.  To see the whole challenge explained go to the TwentyTen Challenge hosted by Bart's Bookshelf.  The aim is to read a total 20 books, over ten categories, in 2010.

EDIT:   INCOMPLETE12/16/2010

Young Adult

    Envy - Anna Godbersen             
    Splendor - Anna Godbersen

T.B.R. **  
Leviathan- Scott Westefeld
Another Faust - Daniel and Dina Nayeri

Shiny and New
White Cat - Holly Black
The Haunted Showboat - Carolyn Keene

Bad Blogger’s ***
Into the Wild -Sarah Beth Durst - recommended by Bookworm Nation
Donut Days - Lara Zielin - recommended by Tales of Whimsy

Charity (Library Book sale)

Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Tennyson Lesly M.M. Blume

New in 2010
Very LeFreak - Rachel Cohn
Lord Sunday - Garth Nix

Older Than You 
A Little Princess - Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Secret of the Old Clock - Carolyn Keene

Win! Win!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Frank Baum

Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynn Jones

Who Are You Again?

Beautiful Malice - Rebecca James
A Golden Web - Barbara Quick

Up to You! I like to challenge myself to read some romance, those little romance paperbacks like Harlequin or Silhouette.  It's not a genre I've really read and so I'm going to try something new!

Frost Moon - Anthony Francis (not a Harlequin, but only not something I would normally read)
Dylan and the Baby Doctor - Sherryl Woods

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