Friday, December 11, 2009

The Dreaming

When twins Jeanie and Amber are sent to Greenwich Private College in Australia, they expect it will be a regular school. Things quickly turn creepy as the sisters are told to pretend they are not twins and start dreaming the same dreams.  As they delved further into the history of the school and the rumors of haunting and missing girls, the twins start to realize that the key might be in their dreams.

Bought to my attention by Amanda who did not like the first one

I went ahead and read all three since manga are short and it's only a three part series.  This is some creepy stuff right here.  The first volume is the introduction to the story with one of the twins getting weirded out right away at their new boarding school.  Then they have the same dream about the bushland that surrounds the school and girls with knifes.  The second and third volume give more history of the school and the disappearances that have happened over the years with the very creepy back story of the vice-principal.  At first, it seemed that the story was going to devolve into some lame fairy tale, but then it takes a sharp turn at what? and then stops at nightmarish so I was actually somewhat surprised at the end.  Though there was a storyline that feels like it was dropped somewhere along the way and I'm not quite sure what happened there at the end.

As far the artwork, it is typical manga style although with more creepy eyes than I have read before.  I had some trouble with who was who until I realized that Jeanie always has a ponytail and then I got it.  I think it is hard to draw twins and not have confusion though.  The art really did add to the overall effect the story was going for and the paintings inside of the school were majorly horrible (like in scary, not in poorly drawn or anything).    


  1. So after reading all three, do you think it's worth it to continue the series? I just didn't get the first one. It seemed a bit random and pointless to me. Do the others bring the story together well enough to make up for that?

  2. You know, it's not till the 3rd one that you get the full story. The full "revelation" of what happened at the school was creepy and a little scary so I'd say yes. The problem is you have to get through the first book and maybe the first 1/4 of the second for it to get good.

  3. I've never read a magna before-and might have to keep this in mind for the Take Another Chance challenge.

    The storyline sounds really interesting, but I don't know if I could wait until the last book for everything to make sense.

  4. I haven't read manga before either but I might give it a go :)

  5. Hm, interesting. Sounds fairly creepy, but I'm not a big fan of cut-off plots. Thanks for sharing!
    And, just a side note, those look like pretty cute eyes to me, lol. I was a manga addict back in the day and I can definitively say I've seen "scarier" eyes. Or just check DA. ;)

  6. I remember reading about this one Amanda's blog and thinking "How odd." It seems now even more odd and unfinished. I don't think this is my thing.

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  8. Jenn - This isn't the best of example of scary eyes, just the one I could find.


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