Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover

At a political rally Cammie Morgan's friend/fellow Gallagher Girl, Macey, is a target of a kidnapping. Shaken by the experience of fighting off the kidnappers, they return to the Gallagher School for Exceptional Young Women to continue with their spy training. But something more is going on and Cammie and her roommates are determined to protect Macey and figure out who is behind it all.

I read this one right after The Hunger Games and sometimes a great book will almost ruin the one that follows. That being said let me just say that I do love these books. There are so fun and I love the idea of an elite spy training school for girls. I just wish it wasn't shoved down my throat every page. By this point in the series, I GET that Cammie is suppose to be an awesome "pavement artist" even though we have no real evidence of the truth of this since in every book she is always messing up. I GET that they have all of this training and take these cool classes. I GET that Liz is a super genius and everyone else is super smart too. I GET it alright. The concept has been set up already so by the third book I don't want to hear so much about it. Although I did appreciate that she didn't spend a lot of time rehashing the old plots.

On the positive side, it was good to see Cammie and Macey using their fighting skills for an actual reason and to see them in action. It was nice that she touched on how scary a kidnapping attempt would be and the lingering effects. Zach is not my favorite character and mostly he just annoys me. I understand he is a super spy too and it is all "need to know" but I hope there is an actual purpose to his character. The bigger mystery of Cammie's father is not really mentioned and I wonder if there is a connection between the ending and that.

I will definitely continue reading this series. I just hope it doesn't become a Princess Diaries or a Georgia Nicholson and go on too long. It really is a very cute series and very fun. It's just by the third book the characters have been set up and some of it is so ... unnecessary.

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  1. Not sure this is for me...but it would have been when I was younger!!


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