Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Update on what I'm reading + an award!

Update: I actually ended up finishing Hunger (Grant). I was planning on putting it down and walking away for a couple of days but I found that I couldn't stop even though it is sort of a brutal book. I was planning on reading The Dead Drop next but I got an ARC in of The Treasure Map of Boys (Lockhart) so I'm reading that instead.

Thanks to Kristen at BookWorming in the 21st Century for this award.

Here's the rules for this award: If you accept it, you are supposed to list seven of your favorite things and nominate seven blogs that deserve this award.

So let's see, my seven favorite things:
1. playing with my boy
2. snowballs
3. Twitter
4. listening to music (current favorite song: "That's not my name" Ting Tings)
5. sleeping
6. getting a new book
7. Snickers with Almonds

And seven blogs, hmmm:
1. Allie Brown's Layouts
2. Judging the Books
3. Life in Denim & Flip Flops
4. Sweet Cheeky Designs Blog
5. Wondrous Reads
6. Teen Tangents
7. Books Obsession

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