Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop

Psychic detective Gilda Joyce is back and is headed to D.C. to intern at the Spy Museum. Gilda is looking forward to perfecting her spy skills and hanging out in her own (sorta) apartment. What she gets is a camp group of wanna be spies and an eerie mystery involving a former Soviet spy, Lincoln's ghost, and a dead drop.
Gilda whirled around, and stared into a stranger's masklike face-a woman's face with skin the color of frozen snow. Her smooth forehead was marked with a bright red stain in the shape of a five-pointed start. p. 139
Have you ever read a ghost story before bed and it creeped you out when you turned off the lights? There are parts that did that to me. Seriously, the ghost was creepy, but it's the kind of creepy that kids will like. Even though Gilda is 15, this is definitely a children's book since this doesn't really lend itself to YA and has a younger feel to it. Gilda is an awesome girl, very smart and self-assured and funny. She is good at solving mysteries and is very tenacious, a modern day Nancy Drew if you will. This is a good mystery and the ending is actually surprising. I hope there are more books in this series.


  1. Wow, from the cover, I wouldn't have suspected "creepy," you know? I know you shouldn't judge by the cover, but it's hard not to, and that looked more comedic than ghost story.

  2. All the covers are the book are like that and I picked them up thinking cute children' mystery but there is more to them that that, suprisingly Maybe it's just me, but one of the scenes has a ghost looking out through her bedroom mirror and that just freaks me out.

  3. Children's mystery books were so fun when I was younger. I used to check out a ton from the library (and eventually would lose them).

  4. Hey Andrea,
    I have and award for you. Its a Hearthfelt Award!
    Come by and pick it up. :)


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