Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Literary Tattoos

This is a topic I've been looking at for a couple of days now. I love tattoos and have a couple myself with more to come, but recently there was a slideshow on Twilight tattoos. And I like that series, I actually do (albeit less than I started out) but I would never tattoo Twilight anything on my body. But I've been thinking, is there any book or poem that I would tattoo on my body. I think the answer is no. I've considered Alice in Wonderland, Nancy Drew, e.e. cummings, but nothing really just sticks to me. The only thing is, and feel free to laugh, is that I wish I had gotten a small Sailor Moon tattoo instead of what I got my first time. Don't get me wrong I still like what I got but Sailor Moon has meant a lot to me over the years. And that goes to show that what is meaningful for one person will not be for someone else. So the same people tattooing Twilight on their bodies would probably laugh at me for a Sailor Moon tattoo. But in the end, I don't like the idea of having something in popular culture etched into my skin. Those things are often fleeting, subject to our whims and our age and our taste.

Anyway, I found 2 communiteis that are dedicated to literary tattoos: Bookworms with Ink on LJ and Contrariwise. I like looking at what others would do that I probably wouldn't do myself. Some of them are really pretty and pretty cool.

What do you think about literary tattoos?


  1. You did a better job covering this than me. I was just too shocked with the twilight tattoos!

    I have thought about an Alice in Wonderland tattoo also-
    I feel like anything OLDER that has gone through the test of time is okay for a tattoo-

    The faces of the ACTORS from Twilight- that's crazy. Esp. because those people have YEARS ahead of them to do drugs, go crazy, etc. etc. like many teen celebrities- would you really want that person's face on your body after they do something stupid?

    Btw- I'm all about tattoos also- I have 4- none book related: YET!

  2. Marie, I was freaked out by the full faced Edward Cullen and those. That seemed a little strange.

    I think there is plenty of material from books for tattoos. I just don't think I would do it myself. Of course, that could change too.

  3. Well, I'm absolutely frickin' terrified of needles, so there's no chance of me ever getting a tattoo, but if I did, it would be something related to music, not books.

    What are your tattoos of?

  4. I have a small laughing girl on my right hip (first tattoo) and the word "happiness" in Cherokee surrounded by lilies of the valley under my bra strap. My mother's family is Cherokee. I plan on getting 2 more Cherokee words with flower and once I am done having babies, my children's newborn footprints and that will be all.

  5. The footprint idea is interesting. My mom's family is Cherokee, too, but a little far back (her great-grandmother was full-blooded).

  6. My grandmother was full blood and my mom is half (the only one of her brothers and sisters who are full (different dad)) so I'm 1/4 but I'm very proud of that. My sister works for Cherokee Nation.

  7. That is so interesting! I never thought about a book related tattoo. I'll have to check out the links you provided. Thanks!

  8. Oh... my... goodness...

    I totally agree with what you've said about pop culture tattoos-- probably not the best way to go. If I were to get a literary tattoo, however, it would be such a hard choice. I love your idea of Alice in Wonderland, but I just don't know.

    I'm still holding out for my dinosaur tattoo. ;)

  9. I've seen some of the Twilight tattoos and I can say that I don't like them. I'm sorry to say that some of the tattoos make me think that the owner is bordering obsession.. I hope I'm not offending any of your readers now, Andrea!

    Can I ask what Sailor Moon is? I googled it and I found a anime(manga? I don't know the difference between them) series. Is that the right Sailor Moon? Or is it a specific symbol?

  10. Ladybug - Sailor Moon was originally a manga series which was made into an anime series so that is the right Sailor Moon.

    I agree that the Twilight tattoos do seem to border on obsession esp. the ones of their faces. But I also think that what seems strange to one person can be really important to another one.

  11. You should check out my gallery of people with Sailor Moon tattoos! (The cosmic brooch tattoo is mine)

  12. Wow, those are amazing! Thanks for sharing.
    I would have gotten a chibi-venus probably.


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