Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Once Upon a blogger (Interview)

Today for Once Upon a Week, we are doing a blogger interview exchange.  I love this since it is a great way to meet new bloggers.  My interview is with Britt from Confessions of a Book Habitué. You can see my half at her blog. 
Thanks Britt for answering all of my questions.
Tell me about yourself and your blog.

I'm a stay-at-home mom with little kids (2 of them-- Boo and Mister) and I just kind of inhale books! It's actually getting to the point where I'm never "reading" anything... because I finish books in one sitting! (Or in one day at any rate.... kids have these expectations about being fed at certain times for some strange reason.)

Favorite fairy tale
 probably Beauty and the Beast. I've always felt like I was most like Belle.

Favorite reinmagination?

I'm not sure I can pick a favorite reimagination! I love Robin McKinley's-- all of them! I also really like Shannon Hale's and Jessica Day George's. Right now I'm really into the Sister's Grimm series, which is an interesting twist on fairy tales in general. Oh! And Jim C Hines! His new books-- Stepsister Scheme and The Mermaid's Madness. Awesome twist on fairy tales. [Andrea - I can totally agree with all of this especially the Jim C. Hines books.  They are so great.]

Favorite Fairy Tale Character?
 Probably Belle again!

Least favorite....

hmmm. I almost want to say Snow White, but that's only because I don't like the Disney one! I'm not a huge fan of damsels in distress, so any princess that just sits around isn't a favorite of mine.

Stepmothers or wolves?

.... shudder. I'd almost rather face the wolves. At least I know going in that they want to eat me.

Kiss the frog or throw him back?

Can I keep the frog as a pet? I like frogs....

Save yourself or wait for the prince?

Totally save yourself. And then maybe save the prince. :D


  1. I agree... hate those lazy princesses sitting around waiting for someone to come to the rescue.

    Great interview.

  2. I know, seriously. What good are they?
    Thanks, Andrea!

  3. What a great interview! I loved it. I would totally keep the frog as a pet as well and maybe if I got bored one day I'd try kissing it but it would have to be a really boring day for that. LOL

  4. I love Belle! I think that she's the most easy to relate to (in the Disney she loves reading, and such).

  5. Great answers - they made me smile!


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