Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blue Moon

*spoilers if you haven't read Evermore* *also contains ranting*
The sequel to Evermore finds Ever learning how to control her new immortal powers with her boyfriend, Damen.  She is enjoying her relationship and her new powers.  But when a new boy starts at school and Damen starts acting weird, Ever needs to find out what is going on and save Damen before it is too late for them all.
"The lions are now lunching with lambs. p.101
I'm going to be honest.  Is Ever an idiot?  I'm not kidding.  Damen starts acting like a total ass and she doesn't figure out they are broken up till p. 161.  Really? REALLY!!  "Which would be bad enough on its own, but having to hear the official breakup message delivered by Big Sheila instead of my boyfriend-" Gah!  But I guess it just sets up the ending where Ever demonstrates that she is beyond moronic and closer to brain dead when she believes effin Roman, who gives the crappiest villain speech, over the creepy twin.  I mean, the twins are creepy but why on earth would you listen to them over stupid  Roman who has been POISONING your boyfriend this whole time and controlling the mind of the student population.  Because that makes perfect sense.
Also she always gives Ava a hard time and there is a lot of eye rolling and thinking it is all stupid and then whatever they are doing works and she is surprised.  You know, if that keeps happening Ever, then just shut up about it.  Maybe it is because she is a teenager and therefore has to think adults don't know anything.  I don't know, but just shut up, Ever.  Rant over, just had to get that out there.

Good things about this book:  The pacing is really great and it doesn't bog down like Evermore did at the beginning.  Once Roman is introduced, the action starts moving and keeps going.  There are some great little mysteries set up like the twins and Ava and Riley and Summerland and I'm curious about what happens next.  Because Ever's obvious lack of intelligence, the premise for the next book is set up and now they have a problem to solve.  The writing is still a little too Twilight in places, but if there was less my perfect boyfriend, our love is so epic, that would be fixed.  I don't know ya'll.  It's like I liked it and it read really fast, but I was so insulted by Ever's profound stupidity that it made me like it less.  I will be reading the next one though so I guess that says something.

BTW, her name is Ever Bloom.  Was that in the first book?  I don't remember and that is one of the stupidest names so I think I would have remembered.

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  1. Yeah, I think her full name was in the first book, too. Very dumb. I really like these books, but I think it's just because I really like Damon. Totally fluff, but they're working for me, even if Ever's a bit stupid. They all seem a bit stupid. :D


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