Monday, August 17, 2009

What I'm Reading 8/17

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Since last week I've finished Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris (Gallico), Another Kind of Cowboy (Juby), and The Summoning (Armstrong) (look for the review this afternoon). I started Rumors (Godbersen) but had to return it so I'm going to pick it back up as soon as I can. Now I'm reading Between Mom and Jo (Peters) and James and the Giant Peach (Dahl). I plan on reading The Book of Lost Things (Connelly) next.

I finished listening to The Calder Game (Balliett) and started Evil Star (Horowitz). After that I'm going to listen to Enthusiasm (Shulman).


  1. I really want to read The Summoning, I like Kelly Armstrong books although I haven't read the YA books yet. Hope you have a good reading week!

  2. It looks like you got a lot of reading in this week!

  3. I didn't realize Mrs. 'Arris goes to Paris was a real book! I loved the movie. Here is mine

  4. I thought Armstrong's second book was better than the first. Are you planning to continue on with the trilogy?

  5. J. Kaye - I might but not right now.

  6. I haven't read the summoning YET. I really need 2 read it.

    I luv ur blog :D

    my Monday post is here :D

  7. My daughter just finished Calder Game and enjoyed it. Although she kept saying "calender game". I read the first book aloud to my 7th graders. They really like it.

    BTW I LOVE your owl!!!! I have them on my blog too. I call it the O.W.L blog. Outrageously Wonderful Literature for the middle grades. I'm going crazy with owls. My daughter just rolls her eyes.

    Happy reading :)


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