Friday, August 28, 2009

The Alice in Wonderland Challenge - COMPLETE

I'm falling down a rabbit hole, ya'll! I have trouble resisting challenges, especially challenges about one of my all time favorites, Alice in Wonderland.
Jenny at Take Me Away is hosting the most excellent challenge (with prizes), The Alice in Wonderland Challenge and I am *sigh* joining. Curiouser and Curiouser.


  • Starts September 1, 2009 and goes through August 31, 2010
  • You can join any time during that time frame.
  • This challenge has two parts; you can decide at any time until the end if you would like to complete only the first part or both. However, prizes will only be awarded to those who complete both parts.
  • If you have already completed one of the tasks in the past 6 months you may count ONE towards this challenge.
  • Books may overlap with any other challenges.
  • Books may be read prior to publish date if you are able to obtain a copy. (Don't worry about the advantage someone has because everyone should have the same opportunity to complete the challenge at the same time).
  • When you've made the decision to play, post about the challenge and please link your icon to this post. It doesn't necessarily have to be the link on your sidebar if you put it there and are linking to your post, but at least on the picture when you post about this challenge.
Tasks: (Part 1)

Tasks: (Part 2)


  1. This challenge is too complicated for me! I've also never read Alice and I hate the animated version (which is why I've never read the book). I *am* planning to read the first Alice book next January for my book club, and then go see the new Johnny Depp movie.

  2. Amanda - There is a version with Kate Beckinsale that is pretty impressive. And Tim Burton's is going to be amazing and a mindtrip. The Disney Wonderland doesn't do it justice.

    Jenny - Thanks. I love Alice so this is cool.

  3. we are so in we LOVE alice I've already completed a few of the task somewhat just gotta write reviews!

    my blog is called welcome to our wonderland after the books and new movie :)


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