Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rumors: A Luxe Novel

The second installment of the Luxe novels finds New York society still mourning the loss of Elizabeth Holland, its former jewel. But rumors abound that Elizabeth is still alive as her body was never recovered from the river. Her younger sister, Diana is still fervently in love with Elizabeth's one-time fiance despite the fact that society would never allow them to marry. Henry returns her feelings but has no idea how to be with Diana without flying in the face of everyone. And Penelope Hayes has set her sights on marrying Henry and is willing to destroy anyone in her way. Who will survive the heiress' plots or is the bigger question who won't survive?

*trying to avoid spoilers if you haven't read the first one, highlight white areas to see them

Rumors was even better than The Luxe. At the end I was wishing for the next book. I NEED to know what happens next, NEED, I say. Anyway, the story moved along quickly and there was very little rehash of the first plot and it was subtly done when there was, which is nice in a sequel. I hate being bashed over the head with a summary of the first book in a series. (Remember Babysitter's Club & Sweet Valley anything where the summary of characters was almost verbatim book to book. I hate that.) I'm really liking Diana and Henry and poor Elizabeth. Their characters are developing nicely and I feel so bad for all of them. The ending was surprising and shocking. I really didn't see it coming, but I have a feeling that the next book, Envy, is going to be so great. I have a feeling that Elizabeth is going to be a force to be reckon with now that she is back. This series is so much better than Gossip Girl, the series it is most compared with and that it exceeds in most ways.

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  1. I haven't read this series but I absolutely love the covers. I love the big dresses, I'd hate to wear them them though (they look like corset type dresses...not so fun). Great review!


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