Friday, August 21, 2009

Evil Star (The Gatekeepers #2) (audio)

In an amazing turn of events, I didn't check any new books out from the library this week. Crazy, I know.

Spoiler if you haven't read the first one.

After his adventures in Lesser Malling and the discovery that he is one of five children who will stand against the Old Ones, evil creatures from long ago, Matt is living with Richard Cole. After a visit to the Nexus and the introduction of a secret diary with information on the Five and the Gates, Matt and Richard go to Peru. Ambushed, they are separated and Matt must find him and figure out the location of the second gate with the help of a new friend, Pedro who may be the person Matt needs to find.

Evil Star is the second in the Gatekeeper series after Raven's Gate. I switch from book to audio for this series for no particular reason. Simon Prebble is the narrator and he does a good job. He tries to vary the voices for the characters and does an okay job with that. He's British and I tend to listen to audio with British narrators for unknown reasons.

Anyway, it was a good book, a good second in a series. It certainly wasn't a filler, adding a lot of excitement and action. It pretty much gets started right away with Matt's visit to London and from then on was non-stop action. Horowitz is moving things right along and now I'm curious to what happens next. I'm wondering about the rest of the Five and their abilities. I liked the description of Peru and the background stuff. That was very interesting and gave me good visuals. So onto Nightrise, the next book in the series.

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