Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Calder Game (audio)

Calder Pillay loves to solve puzzles. When he goes to England on a trip with his father, he is intrigued by the giant Alexander Calder (his namesake) sculpture in the town square of the sleepy British town where they are staying. Then both the Calders disappear on the same day. Did the Calders leave together or did something happen to each separtely? And what was Calder working on when he disappeared? Calder's friends, Tommy & Petra, are brought over to help find Calder since they both know how he thinks. In this engaging little mystery, art and numbers are brought together to find a boy and a sculpture.

This is the third in a series about these three friends. Each book deals with some sort of art and another mystery where each is connected to each other. There are very intellectuall books without stuffing it down the reader's throat which is good considering they are for children. Hopefully children will become intrigued by the art in the books and get interested enough to look it up. I know I did.

The three main characters are very different from each other. Petra is a dreamy girl who loves words and to write. Tommy is a treasure finder and Calder is a math whiz who carries pentominos wherever he goes. They are very clever children, very interested in everything and I would say good role models for children.

Deidre Lovejoy is the narrator for this audio book and she does a good job. She is American and does a fairly good British accent. She's narrated the other books and I enjoy her voice.

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