Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drew #7, #9

The Nancy Drew, Sleuth Unofficial Website is a virtual fount of information about our girl detective.  There is a lot of history and interesting tidbits over there.  I especially like seeing all the old covers.

The Clue in the Diary (ebook) (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 7)
"Count me in to help with the sleuthing - if it's not too dangerous."

The first appearance of Ned Nickerson, soon to be Nancy's "special friend" aka the one who rescues her and does her bidding and has nothing else to do but follow her orders as a good boyfriend should.  But first they meet at the house fire when Ned moves Nancy's car out of the way of the fire and she thinks he is stealing it!  But that all washes out and soon Nancy is embroiled in a mystery about the house fire and looking for a little girl's lost dad.  It all turns out ok thanks to our Nancy.

The Sign of the Twisted Candles (audio) (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 9)

When Bess, George, and Nancy go to a quaint old inn to check on a relative of Bess and George, Nancy becomes embroiled in a mystery.  It seems the old man, Asa Sidney, is very rich and the center of a family feud.  When he dies and his will is read, his relatives are shocked by the contents.  Added to this are the inn's caretakers who are stealing and acting very shady.  Nancy must uncover the treasure hidden at the inn and save a very unfortunate young orphan.  Once again, Nancy is up to her eyeballs in mystery, orphans, and randomly rich people.

Danica Reese is the narrator and she does a much better job than the one for Nancy's Mysterious Letter, but she does this weird pronouncement thing and sometimes makes the characters British for no reason.  And there is no overly dramatic music and that makes me a little sad.


  1. They both sound great, even though I never listen to a book on audio. I may even try one if they are available at my library! The cover of The Clue in the Diary is great.

  2. The Clue in the Diary is the only Nancy Drew book I've read! My daughter read tons of them.

  3. Nina - I love to listen to audio books. And the Nancy Drew ones are great as they are so dramatic, it is funny.

    Jill - She sounds like me when I was young. I read as many as I could when I was in elementary/junior high.

  4. Ah poor Ned. He is just kind of sad, isn't he?

    I haven't gotten to these two yet... and I can't remember if I read them as a kid.

  5. Have you read the 1931 editions? The story line is different.

  6. Britt - Poor Ned, I agree.

    Brooke - No I haven't but I would like to one day.


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