Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plum Lucky: A Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers Novel (audio)

Stephanie can't win.  Grandma Mazer finds a bag of money that a little man in green pants claims is his.  He also claims to be a leprechaun.  Grandma Mazer is of the "finders keepers" persuasion and takes the money to Atlantic City.  But there she finds a heap of trouble instead of luck and it's up to Stephanie to get her out of this mess along with the very hot, very mysterious Diesel.

The Between the Numbers books are so funny and short.  It's like a little taste of Stephanie but with a new hot guy and a little paranormal.  Lorilei King is the narrator of the Stephanie Plum books and she does a great job.  I wasn't sure of her at first, but now I can't imagine it read by someone else.

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  1. Everyone says these books are so great, but I tried one and just couldn't get into it! Maybe I have a different sense of humor!


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