Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Extrordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil

Basil lives in a lighthouse and wishes for an extraordinary adventure.  One day a man shows up in an air-boat and Basil gets his wish in this high flying book.

Wiley Miller, the author, is the creator of the comic strip Non Sequitur and so this book has a lot of illustrations.  It is a very fun little story.  Basil feels so ordinary and then one day he is whisked away to a city in the air and from there has a grand adventure to help save the city.   The illustrations are fun and the story is definitely a good one for kids.

Here's a couple of (bad) page shots:


  1. These books are very good! My 15-year old son loves them (there's a sequel, too). The author ran some of this story in his Sunday comic strip.

    I love your Who Dat badge!! We used to live in NO. Wasn't the game Sunday amazing? We were so excited to see the Saints win!


  2. It was definitely an edge of my seat game. I live in Acadiana. Love that the Saints won. Who Dat!


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