Thursday, February 11, 2010

Attack of the Volcano Monkeys

Basil continues his adventures with his friend, Louise and a trip to Monkey Island.  The monkeys there are been made smart by a scientist and there is currently a dispute among them as to how to run the island.  The revolution is fighting the current monarchy and Basil and Louise wind up right in the middle of things.  Luckily, both are smart and capable kids.
"Whatever you do, don't talk with the monkeys." p.21
There is less about Helios, the Atlantis in the sky, and a little more about how Basil is "one of them" and about how smart Louise is.  I think that there is going to be a wonderful explanation for how Basil can do the things he can do and I'm curious about Louise's abilities.  I love the illustrations and think the entire story is so fun.


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  1. Loving the drawings! This seems like a really neat book ... and I won't talk to monkeys!


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