Saturday, September 5, 2009

Catching Fire

After The Hunger Games, Katniss is settling into her new life with plenty of food and confusion.  She has feelings for both Gale and Peeta and doesn't know what to do.  But soon, she has bigger problems to worry about.  After defying the Capital in the last Games, they are out for revenge.  Can Katniss convince them that all is what it seems and that she really loves Peeta? And if she can't, what will be the consequences?

Was this book better than The Hunger Games?  I can't tell you that.  In many ways, it was a different kind of book and it was the same in other ways.  I found the beginning rather boring.  I will admit it.  I was waiting for the action.  But then the action came and I was hooked. Katniss still makes me want to shake her when it comes to Peeta and Gale.  It's like without an adrenaline rush, she can't think clearly.  And the love triangle thing seemed a little out of place in the midst of all the craziness.  I love Peeta.  He is made of win in many many ways.  And Haymitch is pretty awesome too.  What they accomplish is unbelievable.  However (not to get all braggy or anything) I saw most of the plot coming from a mile away.  In fact, on page 122 (I marked it) I knew what was coming up.  And I wanted to be surprised.  But the only surprise I got was at the very end and it was a doozy.

Despite that, Collins can write an absorbing book.  The problem with middle books in a trilogy is that they set up and move the over-all arc along and provide more questions than answers.  Such is the case with Catching Fire.  And I have so many questions now.  I hope the next book comes out sooner rather than later and I hope to be surprised.


For the Take a Chance Challenge, one of the task is a poetic review.  Here are my attempts at this for Catching Fire.


Katniss survived
The Capital seeks vengeance
Katniss prepares


There once was a girl named "Catnip"
who caused the President pique.
While revenge he contrived
she tried to stay alive.
Of entertainment the Capital wasn't deprived.

Free Verse

Smart Girl
Hungry Girl
Plays the Games to save her sister
Wins by a trick
By a "love"
By a deception

Smart Girl
Confused Girl
Off on her Victory tour
Waits for the Capitol's anger
For their vengeance
For her own revenge


  1. I love it! Catching Fire poetry!

    I'm looking forward to the third book. i have a feeling it'll be better than the 2nd, and will help make Catching Fire better for me.

  2. I think that that was my problem was that it felt incomplete and I get that a lot with middle books. Also the tour was a lot like the camping in HP&Deadly Hallows.

  3. Great review, I just started reading the book and you're right it is a lil slow...hopefully it picks up soon! :)


  4. I think you did a great job with the poems! Everyone always says "My poems are so bad" and then they are just wonderful. I've not read these books but I've heard so much about "The Hunger Games" that I think I'll have to try it out. And you have a good point about middle books -- they bear the burden of being the bridge between the beginning and the end -- and "middles" aren't always the most interesting.

  5. Thanks Jenners. I haven't written poetry in so long that I didn't know if I still could, lol!

  6. I completely agree that this is one of those bridge books. Looks like we're in for a real treat in #3!

    I definitely agree with you about the plot being extremely predictable, among other things. I *was* completely shocked by the ending, though!

    My review's up for this one (clearly I couldn't wait), if you're interested :)


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