Sunday, September 6, 2009

Necropolis (The Gatekeepers #4)

Scarlett Adams lives in London and goes to a private school.  Strange things occur around her, like she can predict the weather.  After her parents divorce, she continues to  live  in London with her housekeeper.  But when her father calls her to come to Hong Kong, she steps into a deadly trap.  Scarlett is the fifth Gatekeeper and the Old Ones want to keep her away from the other four.  But they too are determined to find Scarlett to defeat the Old Ones.  The race is on and Scarlett has become the most important person.
 "I never have time to read the books. I'm too busy looking after them."

I really enjoyed this book and the series so far as a whole.  The action is upped with every book (and so is the violence and horror so be aware).  This book didn't really add much more to the mythology of the Gatekeepers.  Most of that was given in Nightrise, but it did explore the fifth Gatekeeper, Scar, thoroughly and we finally get to see her power which is pretty impressive.  I liked Scarlett.  She was cool and very smart.  I did feel sorry for her since everyone seemed to blame her, but she didn't really do anything wrong.  There are some chapters about Matt and the other Gatekeepers which is good.  There are also some chapters from Matt's Diary which I didn't like that much.  The first one especially was just a recap of the other three books.  So conceivably you can pick up the series from this one.  But why would you want to? Anyway, those parts felt contrite and unnecessary.  Although, one part did provide a pretty good scene and I hoped it is explored in the next book.  I hope the next book explains a lot more about where the children came from and who they are exactly and about the dream world in particular.  I also hope it comes out soon.

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  1. Sounds pretty fab, I'll have to look up the rest of the series! :)


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