Friday, September 25, 2009

Alice Through the Looking Glass (Based on a Book)

A almost-straight adaptation of Through the Looking Glass, this version stars Kate Beckinsale.  One night Alice is reading Through the Looking Glass to her daughter and goes through the mirror and into the Looking Glass world.  There she meets the Red Queen, the White Queen, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, as well as Humpty Dumpty and the White Knight.

This is a trippy movie.  I first saw part of it one day when I was home sick and feverish and I wasn't entirely sure if I dreamed it or not, which is entirely appropriate for this book.  It is a dead-on accurate movie with all the dialogue coming straight from the book.  It is a little odd with Kate Beckinsale claiming to be seven, but then the whole thing is odd.  Alice wanders through the chessboard meeting all the characters and getting poetry recited to her a lot.  Her hair changes on each square and sometimes her clothes.  The costumes are very good and bright.  The only thing missing is Diana, the cat.  It is very rare to have a movie that doesn't change anything from the source material and is acted out with perfect seriousness.

* I watched this to fulfill this part of the Alice in Wonderland Challenge: Watch and review one live action (already released) movie version of Alice in Wonderland.


  1. That does sound trippy!!

    I reviewed Catching Fire today. Wanna discuss? Catching Fire Review

  2. Maybe it's best to watch after a few glasses of wine?


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