Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life As We Knew It (The Last Survivors 1)

Miranda is a typical sixteen year old, obsessed with swimming and figure skating. But when a meteoroid crashes into the moon knocking into a closer orbit to the Earth, her life changes drastically. Suddenly all the creature comforts of everyday life are gone and her family must learn to survive on less. But will they survive a cold, harsh winter?

I cannot express how much I loved this book. I didn't want to bring it back to the library. It was a touching look at what one family does to survive in the midst of the end of their world. The book starts in the spring and ends in the middle of winter. Told in diary form from Miranda's, the daughter, point of view, Life As We Knew It goes through how the world outside changes and how Miranda's personal world shrinks until she learns what is truly important in life. Her emotional growth is so wonderful and she goes from a typical selfish teenager to a caring sacrificing woman in about eight months.

What I had to say on Twitter sums it up:
@lilbookworm: "Life as We Knew It" is my new favorite book of the year . I love it so very much.
@lilbookworm: I love it like cake, sad beautiful wonderful cake. "Life as We Knew It" read, love, thank me later.

Recommended by The O.W.L.


  1. It seems everyone's reading this one lately and it sounds so good! The copy I have has such a stupid cover, that makes it look flippant, so I'm glad to see all these reviews that say it's not.

  2. What cover do you have?
    I like this cover b/c it reflects the story really well. Small house surrounded by snow with a small light and a giant moon, all of it in the story.
    It's my new favorite book (this year).

  3. I was absolutely floored by this book - read it over a year ago and I still think about it sometimes. I am waiting for the third one to come out soon!

  4. This is the first review I've read for this one. I'm going to have to find it after your great review!

  5. I LOVED this book too! and yes it sticks with you. I down loaded the second book The Dead and The Gone to listen too, and I can't wait for the 3rd book to come out.

  6. BTW - I love your blog. It's very cute!!!


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