Monday, September 7, 2009

What I'm Reading 9/7 + awards!

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This week I'm going to try to read Evermore (Noel), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Grahame-Smith), and The Straight Road to Kylie (Medina).  I'm listening to Everything on a Waffle (Horvath) and then I don't know what.
Since last week I've finished The Loud Silence of Francine Green (Cushman, review coming),  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Barrett), and Catching Fire (Collins). The review for Necropolis finally went up too.  On audio I finished Gathering Blue (Lowry, review coming).


Gofita at Gofita's Pages gave me an award this week.
Do you reach for a cup of cocoa or tea when your relaxing, seeking comfort, sharing a plate of cookies with family and friends? You know the feeling you get when you drink a yummy cup of cocoa, tea, or a hot toddy? That is what the Heartfelt Award is all about, feeling warm inside.  Thanks so much for this award.  That is so nice of you!   Gofita has some very cool movie/book reviews.

Jill at The O.W.L. gave me this very cute award, The Me-to-You Award. Thanks so much! Jill's blog is one of the cutest I've seen.  She has a whole owl (duh) theme and reviews books based on her class's age group, middle school.


  1. I love that little teddy guy. Congrats on your awards!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous week of books! Congratulations on the awards. My list is here:

  3. I'm reading Evermore this week too. I'm hoping I can take advantage of the holiday today and finish it up.

  4. Congratulations on your awards! Loved-loved Evermore!

  5. Yay! Congrats on those awards, you deserve them girl! :]

    ♥ -Andrea


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