Friday, February 25, 2011

Sizzling Sixteen (audio) by Janet Evanovich

In the sixteenth installment of Stephanie Plum, she is looking for Vinnie after he is kidnapped for some gambling debts. 

I never get bored with Stephanie Plum and her mishaps as the worst, most ineffectual bounty hunter.  Mostly because they just plain make me laugh.  Though there was a bit of forward movement in this book so I think it might get the characters out of the rut that they have been in for quite a few books now.  And Stephanie seems to be getting closer to a decision between Morelli and Ranger. 

This was different too because Vinnie was featured a bit more.  I hope he is featured a bit less from now on because he is really annoying and I didn't like the narrator's voice for him (though it fits).  But Vinnie gets in trouble with the local mob who is in a war with someone much more dangerous and Vinnie has become a target.  So Stephanie decides to rescue him with hilarious results and a little bit of underhandedness.  Lulu is still one of my favorite characters and it was nice to see more of Connie. 

7 hours

Lorelei King is the narrator for this series and I enjoy listening to her voice.  She has become Stephanie Plum to me and I love her other voices for the characters.  She really makes them distinct and fitting for each one.  She has a soothing voice for the narration bits of the book and is never over the top.

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  1. I have always enjoyed the Stephanie Plum novels, but I've never heard one on audio before.

    They've cast Kathrine Heigl in the role of Stephanie for the movie...which just seems wrong to me. She's so tall and blond and model-like. I had always pictured Sandra Bullock as perfect for the role!


  2. I saw that they cast Heigl and I think she is a terrible choice. I pictured more Sandra Bullock too. Also Sherri Shephard for Lulu and she is not my first choice for that role either.

  3. Okay I didn't read the entire review just in case it spoils anything for me. I'd like to get into the Stephanie Plum series this year at some point!


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