Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hero at Large (audio) by Janet Evanovich

Chris Nelson has an unexpected house guest.  After breaking Ken Callahan's arm and then his toe, he moves in with her and her great-aunt and daughter in this romantic comedy.

This is the first Evanovich that I've read that didn't have anything to do with Stephanie Plum.  And this is her first published book if I am not mistaken and it is pure romance so the ending is inevitable.  But it was really fun and I liked all the characters.  The only irritating part was the "problem" that came up between the two main characters that got in the way of their happily ever after.  It was fairly obvious and I thought Chris overreacted way too much when she learned Ken's identity.  It was her own fault for not listening in the first place.  I liked the whole ice skating aspect with Chris as a ice skating coach and how facts about the sport are fitted in.  And I liked that it was a romance without any explicit sex scenes though they were there and the chemistry between Chris and Ken was hot.

7 hours 25 minutes

C.J. Critt actually narrated a few of the Stephanie Plum books that I listened to so I am familiar with her style.  I really like her as a narrator and was glad to listened to her again.  She does an excellent job of adding humor and exasperation to the story and making it more believable. 

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  1. This sounds very interesting and especially the Narrator, I will look up what else she has read! :))

  2. Sounds like loads of fun. And I adore the cover.

  3. Check out Evanovich's Metro Girl and Motor Mouth. Both are campy and fun. I find that Evanovich is hit or miss with me (though I've never read the Stephanie Plum series, I've read some of her other stuff), but these books were a fun, easy read.


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