Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

After Kate's dad quits his job to sell infomerical vitamins, her whole life starts a downward spiral. Her best friend has ditched her to be popular. She's stuck working at her dad's vitamin booth in the mall, her parents are having martial problems and her grandmother has come to visit. And to top it all off, the cute book that Kate loves to hate, seems to have taken an interest in her. Too bad Kate doesn't believe that his interest is genuine.
Right.  I just had to deal with a father who'd rather buy vitamins and play video games than do anything else.  I just had to deal with having my best friend act like I didn't exist.  I just had to deal with having my whole life fall apart...
I would like to see an adult deal with all my problems.  p.34
Let's chalk this one up for a winner.  It was very absorbing and a quick read. I loved the humor and it didn't make me feel old unlike another book I could name.  I really liked it.  There were parts that, as an adult, made me roll my eyes, like the above quote.  But it was such a good book that the little things didn't bother me.

Kate is sort of typical for this type of book.  She is very self-absorbed and complains a lot.  But she is funny and is genuinely going through a hard time so I excuse her. I really liked Will, the love interest.  He was so sweet and funny and they had a good dynamic even though she is typically clueless.  I really could not believe the dad though.  It was just so horrifying, his inability to cope with arguments or unpleasantness, even though he was the biggest cause of it in their family.  I was like wow, seriously wow.  Now that would be a difficult parent to have.  But Kate handled it all really well and I wasn't too surprised by the ending though I had hoped for something else. 

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