Friday, February 4, 2011

Lucy Unstrung by Carole Lazar

Lucy is a delightful if confused 13 year old whose mother had her when she was a teenager and now her mother wants to get out and explore the world she missed.  Unfortunately for Lucy that means moving and a lot of changes for her.  But, in general, Lucy handles it well though she doesn't understand really where her mother is coming from.

So Lucy has to move away from her friend and her school and go to a trailer park with her mom and away from her dad and go to public school.  Lucy has always go to a private Catholic school.  She has to deal with the possibility of her parents dating other people and with being bullied at school.  But with a few misadventures here and there, Lucy pulls through the upset in her life and learns that not everything about change is bad.

"No, because we were both weird only children with no social skills."
I don't like him talking like this.  It makes me very uncomfortable, probably because I bet some people would say that I'm a weird only child with no social skills too.
It's time to change the subject.  p. 125
I've been reading a lot of coming of age stories lately (which is not like me at all but anyway) so I was a little afraid to get started on this one.  But this was cute and a bit funny.  I liked quirky little Lucy and her adventures with figuring out her new life.  I understood what her mom wanted in her life, unlike Lucy, but I don't know she went about it in the right way.  I did like how Lucy's dad is obviously not her bio dad and yet that was never addressed since he is her real dad.  I hate it when books make a big show about that.  This was much more assumptive.

Lucy gets into the usual 13 year old trouble especially as she tries to figure out how to stay at the same school.  And to stay friends with her only real friend.  This was a short, sweet book that I recommend if you need a few laughs and a good coming of age story.

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  1. I understand the mother, but feel sorry for the girl to move around with her and giving up everything. That dog, so cute. ;) Sounds like a great growing up story!

  2. @Nina - It was and there was this funny part about the dog I didn't get into.


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