Tuesday, May 11, 2010

YA Book Bloggers Debut Book Battle - Round 1 Bracket 12

I was a first round judge in the YA Book Bloggers Debut Book Battle from the Shady Glade.  The two books up for judging by me and my partner Diana from Stop, Drop, and Read! were Eyes Like Stars and The Demon's Lexicon.  I have to say that I liked both, but the winner was ...

Eyes Like Stars!

While I loved the plot and the writing of The Demon's Lexicon and thought it was a great book, I gave it to Eyes Like Stars for having a very original concept and such distinct characters.  It is a slower reading book then Lexicon, but it is a very absorbing book. 


  1. Oh it'd be Eyes like Stars for me any day- I absolutely adored that book =) Not long to wait now for the sequel now- yay!

  2. I did not love Demon's - but I have Eye's I am looking forward to reading it...even more now!

  3. Yay! I just finished Eyes Like Stars, and I've dubbed it my favorite book all year (so far), lol. I can't wait to read Perchance to Dream now!

  4. I want to read this! I love that cover, so magical.

  5. @Lara - The sequel was pretty good.

    @Jenn - I hope you like it.

    @Jenni - I hope you like it.

    @Nina - It is a really good book.

  6. What a hard choice! I would have gone with Demon, myself...but Eyes is lovely in its own way...


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