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It's 1855 and Camille is set to marry a man despite not loving him.  She desperately wants to continue to sail aboard her father's ships and not be tied down to land.  But on her last voyage with her father, tragedy strikes and Camille finds herself on a quest to discover the mystery of a map and an ancient stone.
Camille clicked the latches down on her trunk and glanced out her bedroom window. White haze chocked the small seaport, and the fog bells sounding across the bay echoed in her chest. Fitting weather to mark the death of her freedom." p.1 ARC
I think it says something that I finished this book and wondered immediately if there was going to be a sequel and why I didn't have it.  Then I remembered I was reading an ARC and so this book hadn't been published yet.  So yeah.  I will say that it doesn't have to have a sequel, but one would be awesome.  I liked it when a book will wrap up its storyline but still allow for more.

It also says something (maybe?) that my notes for this book read "Pirates (of the Caribbean)" + "Indiana Jones" + "romance" which doesn't make sense because there is romance in those two movie series, but it is not the point of them.  Just like it is not really the point of this book, but is still really nice.  But that leads into my next note on the title and cover for Everlasting.  The cover is really pretty.  I love the colors, etc.  But neither the title nor the cover really convey what this book is about.  It looks like some lame romance in a boat or whatever, but it's much more of a historical/adventure full of mystical objects and curses and ships and watery graves.  Don't be fooled.  This isn't some namby-pamby YA romance, this is a real adventure story that happens to have some romance in it.

release: June 1, 2010 Scholastic 
ARC from Traveling ARC Tours

Hogwarts: History of Magic


  1. Ooooo great review! I love when you said: "this isn't some namby-pamby YA romance."

  2. I agree with JUJU :) Nice Review!

  3. I remember finishing it and looking at that cover and thinking WHAT? Not only is it lousy, but the title really has nothing to do with it. I loved the adventure, though :)

  4. Sounds great. This cover always pulls my interest, so I was glad to see a review of it. It sounds like it could be really good and I like that its adventure with romance not the other way around!

  5. I think I actually love this book already!! Just from your review. It sounds wonderful!!

  6. @Juju - LOL, Thanks!

    @kaye - Thanks!

    @melissa - The cover is pretty just not for this book.

    @Jill - me too

    @Elise - Haha, thanks!


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