Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1)

Todd can hear every thought of every man in his town.  They all can.  All the males broadcast their thoughts and feelings to everyone all the time so that it all becomes Noise.  But as Todd approaches manhood, the dark secret of his town begins to make its way towards him.
"You know what my father always says, Todd Hewitt?" he leers up at me.   "He says a knife is only as good as the one who wields it."  p.258
This was definitely an adventure book as well as a dystopian with some science fiction and war added in.  It was a sad book and sometimes a funny book.  It was a long book and I got a little tired of waiting for the secret of Prentisstown.  That dragged on a little too long and I was getting impatient.  I had half guessed it before it was told, but the other half was surprising.  I liked Todd.  He was such a boy and so very confused and nice and he tried so hard.  And I liked Viola.  She was very cool and smart.  I liked how they stood up for each other. The villains were definitely designed to get me angry and I can't understand their motives except they are insane.

The ending was such a crazy cliffhanger.  That usually makes me angry, but this one had me ordering the next book from the library.  I have to find out what happens next.  I have an idea of where the series is going so I can't wait to see if I'm right.

(highlight) SPOILER* I cried so much when Manchee the dog died.  That was so sad with his Todd?  Aw.  Break my heart.  And when Viola kills Aaron.  That was sad too.  There was so much sadness in this book
And how about Prentisstown men killing all the women. What a stupid thing to do. I guess it was out of spite and jealousy and fear, but it doesn't excuse them. No wonder they were exiled from the rest of the world. I really wonder now about the ending with Mayor Prentiss. I hope (I'm sure) Viola is alright.
. *

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  1. Great review. I'm itching to read this. I LOVE how you made your spoiler in white font. Totally brilliant :)

  2. @Juju - Thanks. I try to be spoiler free but sometimes I have things to say.

  3. So I just read a review on the 3rd book and the reviewer loved it! I've got to read these books, but I've heard about the cliffhanger endings, so I think I should get all three so I can read them in whole! :)

  4. This book (per your review) looks like something I'd love to read. Hence, you got a shout-out on the blog today. Congrats!

  5. @Jill - I'm hoping to get to the 2nd one soon.

    @Literature Crazy - Thanks so much!

  6. Oh it sounds so good. Great review! I actually have it on my TBR pile but I'm wondering if I shouldn't wait for the 3rd book to be out in the US before I do!

  7. LOVE this book, love its sequel, DYING for book 3 to come out. I taught *Knife of Never Letting Go* to a class of undergrads this spring, and they all - to a person - loved it.


  8. @kay - I don't know, but make sure you have the next one handy for sure!

    @kittens - I'm glad you love it so much! I enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. The more I hear about this series, the more I feel I HAVE to read it! But I think I'll want to have all of them available to read all at once .. I hate cliffhangers!


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