Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drew 21, 22

The Secret of the Old Attic (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #21) (e-book)
 "Oh, I hope my plan works!"   She sighed.  "I can accomplish two missions if all goes well."  p. 51 e-book
Nancy is asked to solve the mystery of some missing music.  Mr. March needs money to take care of his orphaned granddaughter and Nancy can never resisted a mystery with children and/or orphans.  At the same time, she is asked by her dad to help solve a mystery of corporate intrigue.  It seems a top secret formula for making synthetic fabric has been stolen.  It's up to the young sleuth to solve them both and help the Marches out of financial ruin.  I think she's up to the task.

The Clue in the Crumbling Wall(Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #22)
"Oh, Nancy!" Mrs. Gruen sighed.  "Your love of mystery will prove your undoing!  You must be more careful."  p.85
Was Hannah ever married?  I mean, she took care of that one girl before she took care of Nancy and she doesn't seem to be ancient.  Around late 50's, early 60's, maybe?  Maybe she married young and her husband died in some war.  Anyway...
Another case with children!  This time involving an 8 year old juvenile delinquent.  I didn't know such people existed in River Heights.  Nancy is asked to find a famous dancer who disappeared several years ago.  The lady will herit a castle if she is found, but Nancy only has 3 weeks to find her!  There is also a clue from the previous owner of the castle indicting a great treasure so Nancy is determined to find that too. 
I swear Bess and George only exist to make Nancy look good.  George gets lost, but Nancy finds her way surely.  Bess is scared but Nancy is fearless.  At least George is willing to go along with things.

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