Thursday, August 12, 2010

Virgin Territory by James Lecesne

Dylan is a apathetic teenager working as a golf caddy at one of his town's many golf courses.  But when the Virgin Mary appears on a tree on the golf course turning into a destination for miracles, he finds his life changed after befriending the Virgin Club, a group of teenagers dragged around with their parents.
And yet my mother was able to see something in me that no one else could eve imagine, not even me.  Love gave her second sight, and I don't think science has a name for that.  p. 5 ARC
Did I love this? Well, I'm not in love with it.  It was good, wanted to be quirky and failed a bit.  But I found it to be a very touching story and it brought tears to my eyes a few times.  I felt for Dylan and his father, both dealing with the huge loss of Dylan's mother.  Dylan's father did annoy me.  He didn't seem to have the ability to see what Dylan was feeling.  It was like he wanted to be a good father and he didn't know how.  Dylan came off confused and lonely and sad though he tried to hide it most of the time.

As for the whole Virgin Club thing, it felt forced.  And I really didn't like Angela, the girl of the whole thing.  You know the one that every boy loves and who is so quirky and different that it is amazing.  Yeah, she didn't work for me.  This would have been better without her.  I loved the story of Marie, the grandmother and I liked the other members of the Virgin Club.  All in a all it was good enough to finish, but not great.

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  1. Interesting. People are always seeing the Virgin Mary or Jesus in various things (including trees) in San Antonio. At least once a week they report on something like that. Kind of cool that someone turned that into a book!

  2. @Amanda - I had never heard of the Virgin Mary on a tree. I remember the sandwich that one time...

  3. Virgin Mary on a tree? Okay that sounds weird. But the description did made me wanting more about it. Thanks for the great review. Dylan does sounds like a great character that goes trough a lot of emotions.


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