Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sisters Red Q&A

For Once Upon a Week, we were given some questions to consider for Sisters Red.  For the entire spoiler-ridden discussion, check out Today's Adventure.  Obviously, there are spoilers in my answers.

Was the book scarier than you were expecting?  It was a little more violent than I had expected, but not scarier.  Still that's fine.  I can liken it to Buffy violence.

Which of the two sisters did you relate to more? Why? Neither really.  I like Rosie better but felt more for Scarlett.  She just had such a hard time and was very driven, very focused.

What did you think of the relationship dynamics between Scarlett and Rosie?  It was extremely co-dependent and a little unhealthy (for good reason), but I'm glad at the end they saw that it was ok to be two different people with different life goals.

Obviously this wasn't a straight up fairy tale retelling, but what did you think of the way the bits of Red Riding Hood were worked in? It was such a great direction in which to take the tale.  Much more like the original story where everyone gets eaten and no one rescues them.  There was a real moral in that tale and this felt like a throwback to that more violent tale. I liked at the end where Rosie is chanting to herself that she will rescue herself and not wait for a hunter or woodsman.  So awesome!

What was your favorite moment in the story? When Rosie single-handedly chokes the Alpha to death.  I mean, how great was that!  So much power and strength for the weakest character.

Was there anything about the book you really didn't like?  I actually didn't care about Rosie and Silas.  I mean, their relationship was so very subplot to me that whether they stayed together or not made no difference to me although it was important to the character.  I didn't hate it and it was necessary to the plot.  I just didn't care too much.

Did you see the ending coming, or was it a surprise?  I figured Silas would be the Potential.  He kind of had to be.  But it was still cool.

Did you like the ending?  Yeah, it was fine and appropriate.  No complaints from me.


  1. I forgot to mention Rosie's moment of awesomeness in my own post! How could I do that? It was completely amazing.

  2. Oh man! Great interview. I need to run out and buy this.

  3. The romance was just kind of blah, huh? Just a whatever.

    Rosie's chanting about being a hunter and not needing to be rescued was great.

  4. I also loved that point where Rosie was so strong and independent! And agree that the relationship was kind of second fiddle to the rest of the book. Such a fun read!


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