Friday, August 6, 2010

Fairies and the Quest for Neverland (audio) by Gail Carson Levine

Gwendolyn, descended from The Wendy, patiently awaits her turn for Peter Pan to bring her to Neverland.  But Gwendolyn has no interest in Peter or the Lost Boys, instead she wants to visit the fairies.  When she finally gets her chance to go to Neverland, she befriends the fairies but is warned to "Beware" of loving the fairies too much by Mother Dove.  And then the dragon Kyto escapes from his prison and is bent on the destruction of the fairies and Neverland.  Can Gwendolyn both beware and help save the fairies?

This was different than the first two.  While Quest for the Egg and Quest for the Wand focused on the fairies and was from their point of view, Quest of Neverland was told from Gwendolyn's POV and I don't know if I liked that.  It was a very cute story and in a way it was nice to see the fairies from an outside view and I doubt the storyline would have worked for anyone but Gwendolyn's POV but still I don't know.

But still it was precious and it was nice to see more of Tink and the rest and to know how it really works in Fairy Haven.  There were a couple of surprising moments and I even exclaimed outloud at one point.   It doesn't shy away from having bad things happen to characters.  Still it ended on a happily ever after as it should and I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series. 

Hogwarts: Care of Magical Creatures


  1. Sounds cute. Of course, I love the cover :)

  2. I reviewed this today, too! LOL

    I really liked the change in POV. I thought it was an interesting twist.

    I sooooo soooo wish the Tinkerbell movies followed Levine's books!!


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