Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

Bianca is having a hard time.  Her parents are fighting and she is sick with self-doubt after being called The DUFF, The Designated Ugly Fat Friend, by Wesley, one of the most obnoxious and hottest guys in schools.  Unfortunately, Bianca discovers that sleeping with Wesley will bring about a temporary relief from her problems and so she begins to use him like a drug. 

"You didn't, like, stab the boy, did you?  I mean, I totally disapprove of murdering hotties, but if you need help burying the body, you know I'll bring the shovel." 
p.73 ARC
While I'm reasonably certain that using someone else to forget your problems is a bad idea, it makes for a great book.  I went expecting it to be a typical chic lit type book, more in line with Sarah Dessen, but I found that The DUFF was very witty and much more relatable for me.  Not that I ever did what Bianca did, but I understand the impulse to want to lose yourself in something.  But that never works out.

So anyway, I actually liked Bianca.  She has some really horrible problems that she didn't deal with well.  But her friends were great and very supportive.  All the characters felt very real and very natural.  It was a very engaging book and I hated putting it down.  I wasn't sure how I was going to like it and I really didn't know how Wesley was going to become a sympathetic character and I also didn't care for the term of the "Duff" but it was interesting to see that evolve too and I thought that Keplinger pulled it off impressively.

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  1. The author and her agent both read out sections of this during different panels I went to at BEA and I really didn't like the writing, so I haven't considered picking this one up at all...

  2. @Amanda - Ok...Well, I liked it. I was surprised, actually, by how much. To each his own, etc.

    @Juju - Thanks.

  3. I like that the characters are real and felt really natural! Always a good thing. I just don't like the cover of this book, but that shouldnt be the reason why I won't pick it up. So maybe I will! ;) Great review!

  4. @Nina - Thanks! The cover is a bit meh for me too.

  5. Thanks for the review... I put this on my TBR list a while ago, finally got around to buying it, reading it, and (finally later) reviewing it... all because of you. Again, thanks! (I loved it!)

    The Review at my Blog

  6. AW, thanks! I'm glad you loved it.


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