Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drew 31, 32

The Ringmaster's Secret (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #31)
It was typical of Nancy not to think of herself.  She had been in many tight spots while solving the various mysteries that had come her way, but the safety of innocent persons involved had always been her chief concern.  p.9-10
Nancy Drew joins the circus.   Because, of course, Nancy has taken up "trick riding" and is so super good at it that the circus is practically begging her to fill in when one of the horse riders is injured.  And, of course, our girl detective just has to do it because it will get her one step closer to solving the mystery of the missing charm.  See Nancy's aunt bought her a charm bracelet with five horse charms on it.  But it's suppose to have six so Nancy must figure out what is behind the missing charm.  And, of course, the circus is in town with the exact people involved in this mystery.  It is all very very convenient.

Side note: I find it funny that Carson Drew is always in and out of town for various cases and is so super busy that he sends work the way of his teenage daughter, but the minute she calls him up and asks him to go somewhere he drops what he is doing and runs to her aid.  Wow.

The Scarlet Slippers Mystery (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #32)
Nancy was greatly admired in River Heights because of her unusual ability to track down elusive clues, as well as her courage and quick-wittedness.  p. 12
Bess joins a new dance school and when Nancy goes to meet the new owners she finds out that the brother and sister are in trouble!  They have been receiving threatening notes and have had to leave both their home country of Centrovian and France because of political reasons.  Nancy offers to help.  Somehow connected are painting that the brother, Henri, painted and a mysterious man that Nancy meet on a plane.

This was one of the more convoluted and coincidental mysteries that Nancy has solved yet.  So much depends on a huge cast of characters and there are a lot of twists and turns.  And poor Ned wants to marry Nancy so much and so won't even acknowledge it when he tells her.  Aw.

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