Friday, August 20, 2010

Shadow of the Sun by Laura Kreitzer

Gabriella works as a supernatural specialist investing paranormal activities and disproving them.  But when some mysterious regenerating bodies turn up at her lab, she becomes embroiled in an angelic war and discovers that her own destiny lies beyond being merely human.
Unless it had all been in my imagination - the angels and the dark creatures - all thing I had just invented.  Maybe I had eaten some hallucinogenic mushrooms.  Maybe I wasn't even really at work... p.474
I'll be honest.  I had my doubts for the first couple of chapters.  There was too much exposition and that tires me out.  But I began to identify the main character as a Bones type and once the action began, the story really moved and I was hooked.  Gabriella wasn't my favorite character and she came off as annoying in the beginning, but so much happens to her that I ended up feeling sorry for her.  There were some interesting twists and turns and I appreciated that.  It was good to be kept on my toes.  There was a lot of action in this book and it never bogged down at those moments.  My only complaint is my same old one: show, don't tell.  It bugs me when there is too much, I'm so smart, but not enough to back it up.  Gabriella proves it later, but at the beginning I was doubting her claims.  And it turns out there is a sequel so I'll definitely be looking for that.  I need to find out what happens next.

Hogwarts: Ancient Runes


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